Saturday, 12 July 2008

Flyboys (2006)

There's a great French word that describes this film perfectly. Honestly, how can anyone get away with passing a script like this off in our day and age? And with David S. Ward's input! James Franco needs a new agent. Badly. Jean Reno, too. Martin Henderson gives an astonishingly bad performance. Of course it's '00s, so we can't expect any actual flying. We get rotten CGI instead. A paintbox war to match a recycled script. The film almost piles on enough corn so that it becomes self-satirising, but I doubt even Mel Brooks or ZAZ would have had the gall to include the scene where the heroes are saved by a pilot who's learned to fly with his hook. Yeah. What is it about the Lafayette Escadrille that attracts terrible films? Watch The Blue Max instead, people.

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