Monday, 21 May 2012

Coda: For The Love of Film

Well, folks, the 2012 Film Preservation Blogathon has wrapped up, and I can say without hesitation that it’s been a great success. The six days of the blogathon saw 112 bloggers post 208 essays, articles, commentaries, and features on the behalf of this unifying cause. We beat our total donations from last year handily, netting $6,490. Sadly, this isn’t enough to achieve the result we were aiming for, which was to bring in enough to pay for the ASAP presentation of The White Shadow online; there’s still so much work to be done in preparing it, including paying for the recording of the soundtrack, that needed every cent of the official target of $15,000. But that was an extremely ambitious target by any standards, and what we have brought in is the seed from which this evergreen shall rise eventually. Rather than lobby for more donations, we’ve decided to rest on these particular laurels, although of course you can still donate at any time, through any donor link on any of the blogathon posts. And given how many of those there were, and of such high quality, I’m sure we all still have a lot of reading to do in the near future. 

My profound congratulations to all who helped to make this a genuinely global event for cinephiles.

And for those of you who got a little more than congratulations out of this, a full list:

Shannon Fitzpatrick has won an autographed copy of Roger Ebert’s memoir Life Itself.

Rebecca Naughten is the proud new owner of the autographed copy of Betty Jo Tucker’s Confessions of a Movie Addict.
Peter Nellhaus won the French Notorious poster. 

Aurora Bugallo gets the photo of Alfred Hitchcock and the giant telephone,
The NFPF’s Treasures DVDs have gone to Jill Blake, Thomas Bolda, Kenji Fujishima, Catherine Grant, Katherine Kehoe, and Lee Price.
Of course, we owe extra-special super-duper thanks to the NFPF, Donna Hill, Betty Jo Tucker, and Roger Ebert for contributing these prizes. You guys are all more awesome than spending Christmas with the Avengers.

From myself, Marilyn, and Farran, thank you, and have a good year.


rudyfan1926 said...

Wonderful job Rod. All three of you worked so hard and did just a great job. I'm still reeling from your Vertigo posting, fantastic!

Roderick Heath said...

I've done so many farewells here now I'm starting to feel like one of those over-the-hill rock bands that just won't retire. But thank you!

Marilyn said...

I like your wrap-up better than mine; I think I was getting a little cranky there. Anyway, thanks so much for being such a great blog and blogathon partner, Rod!

Roderick Heath said...

Mare, with the level of effort and sheer passion you put into this project, I'm sure anything less than total satisfaction feels a bit tragic, so I can well understand your feeling let-down, but I didn't find anything cranky in your sign-off.