Sunday, 13 May 2012

For the Love of Film…start your engines!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is here.  A time to love, a time to die, a time…to blog.
Yes, the third annual Film Preservation Blogathon is nigh: official kick-off time is Sunday, May 13, 10:00 a.m. (US East Coast Time) and ends on Friday, May 18, 10:00 p.m. (USECT) (give or take a few hours), so if you haven’t composed your sterling masterpieces of scholarly, critical, and appreciative exegesis, get motivated. This year, the three participating blogs are all sharing host duties on a rotating roster: Marilyn at Ferdy on Films will be your fearless leader Today and Monday; Farran at Self-Styled Siren will be your goddess of choice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I will be the stern and ruthless taskmaster for all the slackers on Thursday and Friday. So let the thought of my whip cracking against your buttocks as you labor in the dazzling, life-sucking sun to complete this cruel potentate’s monument to cinematic restoration spur you to finish and post your pieces more quickly!

And for donors, remember that pharaoh's might is great and his generosity even greater: 10 of you, to make up for your lighter pockets, will walk away the richer with a NFPF Treasures 5: The West box set, featuring the two short films, The Sergeant and The Better Man, the restoration of which the first For The Love of Film blogathon helped fund. Those two shorts came from the same amazing New Zealand trove of short films in which this blogathon's annointed project, Graham Cutts' The White Shadow, was also found.

And don’t forget: all blog posts MUST contain the donate button and/or link:

If you don’t have the link on your post, it will not be included on the blogathon home page.
Here are the donate buttons:


Sam Juliano said...

I positively LOVE that taskmaster intro Rod! I'll be back tonight at midnight, the time I plan to post my own entry at Wonders in the Dark!

Best of luck to you on the final days of this incomparable venture!

Roderick Heath said...

Be here or be...err, what rhymes with here? Be here or be...blear? Steer? Jeer?

Sam Juliano said...

Ha Rod!

I'm back as promised with my own contribution:

Christianne Benedict said...

Technically, this posted on Wednesday, but it looks like Farran has closed up shop. Anyway, my latest contribution:

W.B. Kelso said...

Greetings, noble host.

For Thursday, the ads for Suspicion, Rope and Psycho are up at the Morgue, and you can see them all en masse here:

And I've got another piece on the trailer for Psycho and the horrors of Bosco's Milk Amplifier at the Brewery.


sinaphile said...

Hello! So I decided to post my Sinamatic Salve-ation contribution on the page for the Student Chapter of archivists that I head up. So this entry is a co-entry from the AMIA Student Chapter at UCLA and Sinamatic Salve-ation (I posted a link on both pgs)...