My Hawkmen salute you...

…and I am done. This Island Rod yields the lightsaber to Wonders in the Dark for the last day of the blogathon. Anyone still hoping to participate should direct their posts over there, and the indefatigable Sam Juliano will induct you into his sleepless host of dread minions.

Once again, my heartiest thanks and congratulations to all contributors and donors. Excellent work, one and all. Be sure to check back here on Monday for news on donation totals and also raffle prizes.

-- Rod

PS: We also have some late entries for the blogathon still coming through here -- there's usually one or two -- from Shwyny at 365 Days 365 Classics, and it's a highly pertinent and worthwhile post too, an interview with Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, director of the Film Heritage Foundation, India...

...and a final (?!) post, tardy but not expelled, from the US Intellectual History site, with Andrew Hartman considering the time capsule of political and social perspectives depicted in the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who (I dig, sir, I dig)...


For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon saw dozens of posts by a plethora of intelligent, quality writers, whilst donations reached a total of $1,700 – which is, I admit, quite a bit below not just our goal of $10,000 but also the donation total of the last blogathon. And yet, we count the blogathon as a success.  Cupid in Quarantine is $1,700 closer to being restored. Although in the three years since the last blogathon the whole idea of blogging has been shaken and far, far too many good bloggers have fallen by the wayside, we’ve proven that there’s life in our realm yet, and we have intellectual muscle and generosity on our side. So, once more and for the last time, my warmest regards for the blogathon participants and donors. 

The prize winners were as follows:

Choice of Betty Jo Tucker's print book Confessions of a Movie Addict or Kindle version of her autobiography It Had To Be Us: Aesha Williams

Winners of a DVD set of NFPF's Treasure of the New Zealand Film Archive: Lynnette Fuller, Buckey Grimm, and Lois Palmer

Winner of autographed copy of Farran Smith Nehme's Missing Reels: Mike Smith

Winner of hardbound copy of Mike Smith's Flickering Empire: Rachel Herman

Winner of Flicker Alley's DVD set 3-D Rarities: Susan Reynolds

Winner of Milestone's DVD Land of the Head Hunters: Bob Fergusson

Winner of script for Jerry Lewis' film The Day The Clown Cried: Gail Sonnefeld.

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