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Heads up, folks; the For The Love Of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon starts in one week's time, and I hope you're all readier for it than I am. The still above comes from the movie that is the object of our efforts this year, Cupid in Quarantine, a one-reel comedy about a young couple so determined to stay together they fake a smallpox outbreak. Moving Picture Review said: “It is a good story, handled well by Miss Elinor Field… [whose] vivaciousness permeates the entire picture, filling it with life and action and a humor that is contagious.” Yes, folks, remember when comedies were actually funny and charming?

I've already told you about Blogathon, our format and our essential aims, but for those who missed it or just need a reminder:

The theme for this year is Science Fiction. You can also post on silent film, film preservation, and film history. Perhaps even, if you're some kind of super-genius, you can combine all of these.

Hosting duties this year will be divided between three websites, as usual. Once you're written and posted your piece/s, you must send links to the host blog for the day on which you post. You can do this either by making a comment on the host blog, or sending an email; my email address is wahe[at]dodo[dot]com[dot]au.

Ferdy on Films will host on Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 14.
This Island Rod will host Friday, May 15 to Saturday, May 16.
Wonders in the Dark will host on Sunday, May 17.

The host blog will create a post that will serve as a rolling index of blog posts (I will create a post for each day I host the Blogathon). If you want your post to appear high on the index, be sure to post and send us your link early.

You MUST include in your post a link for donations. This is the donation link:


And this is the official donation button. When this button is clicked it must direct to the donation site:

Getting the word out and around is one of the biggest challenges and a big part of the fun. You should select one or more of the ads you can find on our blog specifically devoted to Blogathon promos:

For the Love of Film

Put one of these ads on your blog's sidebar or any place it'll fit. Feel free to shamelessly shill for the Blogathon any place and in any manner you see fit, from linking on social media to BASE jumping from the Empire State Building with an NFPF banner trailing behind you in the free air. Just remember I will disavow all knowledge of the affair to the police.

This year, as always, we have a slew of great raffle prizes for donors, so if you want to win one, just give money (yes, fellow tightwads, there's a catch to every great thing, isn't there?)

This year we have...

...Mike Smith and Adam Selzer’s book Flickering Empire: How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry:

A set of 3-D rarities from Flicker Alley:

A deluxe two-disc set of In the Land of the Head Hunters from Milestone Films:

Farran Smith Nehme’s screwball novel Missing Reels:

The script of Jerry Lewis’ infamous unseen film The Day the Clown Cried:

...and Three copies of the NFPF’s Treasures of the New Zealand Archive DVD set:

The raffle will be drawn on each day of the blogathon from the pool of donors, and the winner's name posted on the host blog of the day.

So donate! 

Let's see...links...donation...raffle prizes...have I forgotten anything?


Right -- let's get funky now!

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