Halloween II (1981)

To say it's not a patch on the first one is, well, not saying much, but I had forgotten how laaaaaaaaaammmmmmme it truly is. Which is a pity because it tosses a couple of ideas with potential into the mix - Michael referencing Celtic Samhain rituals, and the fact he's Laurie's brother. It's just a pity then the film's got no idea what to do with these - even thouh John Carpenter and Debra Hill are still credited as the writers. Must've had their minds on Escape From New York at the time. The wit and precision of the first film's murders are nowhere, just regulation dickheads wandering around dark corridors (hospital) getting killed after screwing in the hot tub. Oh yeah, and Lance Guest as the most useless young male lead in a horror film since David Manners. Still, when it settles into chase-Jamie-Lee-and-Don-Pleasance-around mode, it manages a modicum of tension.

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